Monstrous Customers: “I don’t like $5 bills” *disgusted face*
Toxic Managers: "Just Give Her The Alcohol Without I.D. Do It!"



If that's all the description given to the groomer was, without further explanation or clarification, they deserve the result. Poor dog doesn't, though.


Yeah, not sure what you were expecting there. 'Shave' means remove the hair, and I see a butt with removed hair...


...Why the heck are we shaving corgis? They don't grow long coats.


As a groomer for 20 years, I OFTEN shaved patterns in dogs coats, and usually colored them in. If the client had asked for it to be shaved, the second picture is definitely what they would have recieved. If they had tasked for it to be "shaped" the first picture would have been much mode likely.

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