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Gas station 2

From insightalloy, Tales From Retail:

I work at a gas station/auto repair store, today's Sunday and on the weekend the auto shop is closed. Pretty slow, but big spikes of people coming out of Easter mass. Someone comes into the store.

I'll be M for me and he will be P, for reasons I'll explain shortly

P: I'm sorry I made a mistake, could I just pay that

M: checks my terminal to see no transactions at the pumps I'm sorry, pay what?

P: I didn't mean to use my card there, can I just give you my 12 cents and you reverse the charge

M: Sir, what pump are you on?

P: 5

I search through the transaction history and to my surprise, there is a 12¢ charge. Of course I get to the whole "sorry we can't refund a charge from the pumps" bit when he asks for a manager.

It's the weekend, I'm the only person around so I offer to call my bosses and ask (knowing full well it's not doable).

Luckily the boss who picked up was the nicer of the two bosses, so she told me to just explain its impossible and offer a refund... basically just shorting the register... for a 12¢ refund.

The lengths people will go for stupid things is unbelievable. How do you insert your card "accidentally" anyway.







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