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Hellspawn Encounter: I sold an ancient pack of Pokemon cards to a 5 year old for 12 cents, who promptly destroyed them



From Famac, Tales From Retail:

Today was the final day at a large retail store where I work as a cashier. For the past couple weeks we have been trying to clear out our inventory as much as possible, so shelves were getting disassembled and moved around quite a bit.

Fast forward to about 2:00 today. A little kid and his parents come up to the register to buy some clothes and a few toys. One of these toys was a really grimy pack of playing cards. I pick them up and see that it is an unopened pack of Pokemon cards from 1999, Generation 1, with a Venusaur on the cover. Since these cards were probably forgotten under a shelf somewhere for twenty years, they do not scan correctly, so I call my supervisor over. She keys something in and they end up costing 12 cents, because it is our last day and everything is 95% off.

I realize that they might have something special here. I say to the father "these are pretty collectible and might be worth something". He just smiles, waves me away, and hands them to his kid, who to my horror rips the package open and starts manhandling the cards, folding them and tearing pieces off.

My only consolation is that they had some water damage and were discolored, so maybe they weren't worth that much.








I think you're right about the cards being worthless despite their age because of the water damage. However, I would hate to think of this brat destroying something more valuable! I think if the parents were friends with a "Star Wars" fan who showed them their mint condition Milenial Falcon worth a lot and this brat destroyed it!

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