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Thrift Store Hell: "But Other Stores Do It Differently!"


Carolanne2-072xFrom Puppies In Prada

For the most part, we don't do returns. You buy it, you're stuck with it. There are only two exceptions: electronics, which net you store credit if you bring them back within 72 hours, or a cashier mistake, which we will give back in the form that you paid with.

Also of note, our computers are a little weird. The Quantity has two decimal points.... so like buying one bowl would come up a quantity of 1.00.... (To my knowledge, we have never sold .25 of a punch bowl or .33 of a couch.)

Receipts print in a format of:







What you're paying


If someone is getting a thing returned, it will be listed as a negative.







What you're paying


Well one lady didn't like this. She demanded to know why she was getting a negative on her card. We explained that we were returning her items, and that marking it negative meant WE were having an amount TAKEN out of our registers and put onto her card.

Her: "Well other stores do it differently. They mark it a plus to ME."

Me: "They probably do, ma'am. But our registers are weird that way. I promise you're getting your money back. Please sign the screen to confirm your return."

Her: "But I don't understand why I'm getting a negative amount back!"

Carolanne 002Me: "That's the way our registers do things ma'am. You're keeping your original receipt, AND I'm going to print out the return slip so you have proof that you are supposed to get that money back on your card. If your bank doesn't get the money back, you can show them your receipt."

Her: "But when I make returns at other stores, it's not marked as a negative!"


Me: "Ma'am. This. Is how. Our registers. Are Formatted. You are getting your money back, I promise. Will you please sign the screen so I can print out your proof of return?"

Her: "But other stores don't mark it as negative!"

Supervisor, standing right next to me: "That's them. This is us. Ma'am, either sign the screen or give up on your return."

Her: "I want my return. I just don't want a negative charge on my card."

Supervisor: "You don't be charged again, ma'am. The money WILL go back on your card."

Her: "But it's negative!"

By the time my supervisor finally convinced her to sign the damn screen and shut the fuck up, she had been whining for a long, long, loooooonnng 10 minutes. The only reason I didn't try to slap the stupid out of her was because I feared my arm would fall off before I made a dent in the stupidity she was apparently carrying around.

--Puppies In Prada


Mistaken Identity: This isn't the store I walked into...



From shaun894, Tales From Retail:

So this happened at my last job sadly often:

[GENERIC CUSTOMER] = GM Me = I'll give you 0 guesses because we both know you already know.

So GM walks into the store and comes straight up to the counter handing me an item and a receipt.

GM: I'd like to return this, it isn't exactly what I am looking for.

Me: I look at the receipt and it is for our competitor up the road. Uh, this is for [COMPETITOR].

GM: Yea, of course it is. That's you.

Me: No, we aren't. We are [INSERT NAME HERE]

GM: Looking around confused Wait what store is this?


GM: Huh...

This interaction ended in various ways from new loyal customers to people being angry we wouldn't exchange items from our competitor. And no, the names were not remotely similar.






Toxic Managers: No I Didn't, But Now I Wish I Had


2 managerFrom banebringer, AskReddit

Worked at a cell phone sales job a few years back. We'd recently gotten a new up and coming manager at our store and he had a head full of steam. One day, he got on our cases about not attaching enough data services to phone sales and told us we were NOT allowed to sell a phone without attaching data of some kind (back then this included text plans, navigation, etc.)

Well, I told him straight up that I was not going to miss out on a sale because of a metric that was hurting his bonus, not to mention the fact that what he was asking was unethical. He didn't like that so he sent me home for the day. Well, the next day I worked was a Sunday, which at our store you worked alone. Worked the Sunday, very uneventful.

Monday, my day off, rolls around, and I get a call from the Sr HR lady asking me to explain myself for what happened on Sunday. I had no clue what she meant. She went on to explain that Joe, the manager, was accusing me of putting my pubic hairs in his coffee cup. This was news to me, which I told HR lady, to which she responded, "Okaaay... we're going to have to review the cameras before making a decision..."

Well, they reviewed the footage and they found "nothing conclusive either way." Obviously I had no interest in working with this A-hole any longer, begged the DM to let me transfer, even if it meant loss of hours or pay, to which she responded, "There are no openings at other stores, you and Joe will just have to work things out."

Needless to say, I didn't go back to work there... The best part was, about 2 months later I heard from my ex-coworker Rob that Joe had been fired. The reason? He told Rob he would fire him if Rob didn't wash/clean out his own car since "We can't have customers seeing you drive up in a car like that."

Worst part is, I didn't actually put my pubes in his coffee cup, but damn do I wish that I had.

TL;DR: Boss falsely accused me of putting pubes in his coffee cup, wish I had.