Monstrous Customers: The Mint Story - A Tale of Woe
Toxic Managers: You Are All Subhuman



Good grief, they're nearly the same size. That's almost a cat with an owner on his butt instead of an owner with a cat on her shoulders...


Yes, it's a big cat.... but I think it's sweet, the lady going about with her cuddly cat on her shoulders. Certainly not something you see every day. Very heartwarming.


Look up lyrics for My Grandmother's Cat. This is that cat.


I seriously did not even realize that was a cat until I read the comments. I thought someone was just being mean and didn't like the fur on the woman's hood or something else about her outfit. I came to the comments to figure out what I wasn't seeing.


MamaZoe, I didn't say it wasn't. :P If my 21 year old fluff would put up with it, I'd do that too...

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