Retail Hell Memories: "Just take one out, I'll finish cooking it at home"
Easter Tales: It's. On.The. Voucher.



Why do I suspect that using his head as a parking brake will be this kid's career highlight?


I think you're right, Christopher! I was gonna ask, "Since when does Wal-Mart have a comatose child area?"


One day I saw a dad with 2 kids under the cart like that. Not a recipe for disaster or anything.


Must have been Sams club, you can't buy any small packages there.

Kai Lowell

That's not a Sam's. The signs are clearly Walmart. (We have both here and regularly shop at both - Sam's doesn't have the black signs with white numbers, nor do they have the Low Price thing on any of their signs. Plus that's Walmart's flower/star/whatever logo.)


Yes, it's Walmart, it's the "spark". I think the cases of soda make it look like the grandma is buying in bulk.


"Must have been a Sams" was in reference to Seija's two-pack of kids...

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