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Mistaken Identity: Where are the canned vegetables?



From  mrshoppingcart, I Don't Work Here Lady:

I'm in a grocery store/supermarket with my Taco Bell shirt on, that has mountain dew artwork on the back, I'm wearing my Taco Bell hat that says Taco Bell on it, but yet two people approached me while doing my shopping before going into work.

I get "Where are the canned vegetables?"

I wasn't in a good mood that day, gave her a look and said I don't work here.

Three minutes later I get "Where's the pasta sauce?" from a different lady.

I realized I was kinda an ass earlier to the other lady, so I smiled and politely said I don't work here.

Even on top of that, that store is going through a remodel right now and everything is in a different spot every time I go in the store to accommodate for the store construction

Even if I did work there, I probably wouldn't know where certain things are because of that.

-- mrshoppingcart









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