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From ChatterCatt I Don't Work Here Lady:

So this happened to me about a month or so ago. I was shopping in my local grocery store, the employees there wear black polo shirts with the stores name on them, as well as a name tag, and black pants.

I was wearing black pants, black shoes, and a black t-shirt. However, the t-shirt was a band shirt, it had lyrics on the back, and a flaming skeleton covering the entire front with the bands name above the skeleton.

I was doing my usually shopping, and was trying to decide what chips I wanted when it happens. I hear "Excuse me." from behind me, its a mans voice and I just assume I'm in the way of whatever item he wanted, so I just absentmindedly say "Oh, sorry", and step to the side a bit, giving him room to grab whatever it was he wanted. Nope, wrong move.

"ugh, EXCUSE ME, MA'AM??" I turn to face him, and he looks PISSED.

"Are you going to help me or not? I need you to go check if there is more of this juice in the back!" he says, shoving a juice bottle in my face. I just kinda blink at him, not really sure whats happening.

"S-sorry what?" I say, taking a small step back as he is uncomfortably close at this point.

"I said go in back and get me more of this! Its the only one on the shelf!" At this point even other people in the isle are looking at this guy confused.

"S-sir I don't work here" I said, gesturing to my t-shirt that is very clearly not a uniform.

"Well you look like you work here! Why else would you be dressed like that?" He says, gesturing to my flaming skeleton t-shirt.

At this point I feel like I'm on "Punked" or something and just sort of stare at him. "HOW do I look like I work here? My shirt in no way says (Store name here) on it. Its a band t-shirt. I don't even have a name tag on..." At this point I'm pretty flushed in the face. I have really bad social anxiety and I greatly dislike talking to strangers. Let alone them yelling at me for 0 reason.

He scoffs at me and just kinda stares at me for a moment, before putting his juice back in his cart and starting to walk away, but not before yelling back "Don't dress like an employee if you don't want people coming up and needing help! I'm gonna go talk to a manager about you!"

-edit- Because people keep asking, the band is Seether.







Hi to a fellow Seether fan! Had a feeling from the desc. it was a Seether shirt. Sorry that d-bag treated you so badly.

I know it better

"Oh of course sir, right away. Please just wait here." then go on your way and let him wait :D


"I'm going to go tell a manager on you" um, ok. That should confuse the poor manager just as much as it has confused me.

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