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From  Award930, Tales From Retail:

I was shopping at Macy’s picking up some work pants and stopped in the Ralph Lauren section to browse for a minute before I left the store. As I’m looking at some Shirts I overhear two ladies nearby say “He looks about his size.” I knew they were going to ask me to try on the jacket so prepared myself. I’m average build and 6ft and I guess that makes me a model!



L: Hello sir! I am shopping for grandson and he is similar size to you. Can you try on these two sizes so I can see which one to buy? Sorry to bother you. I would really appreciate it.

M= sure!

I tried on both sizes and she asked if the jacket was nice was a young man. I told her yes and she thanked me and went on her way. I was not bothered by this at all and have been asked many times while shopping for advice on cloths by woman buying things for a man. A bitchy lady was also in the same section and assumed that I would give her the same service i had just given the nice ladies. She will be BL= bitchy lady

BL= I’m also shopping for someone. Seeing as your the model for everyone, put this on so I can see if I like it.

M= Sure, I’ll throw it on for you.

I proceed to put it on so she can see and I take it off. I was on my way out to begin with and wasn’t planning on spending anymore time there. I turn to leave and the bitchy lady was not happy that I would model more cloths for her...

BL= There’s a few more items I need to see before you go.

M= Sorry but I was on my way out to begin with.

I work in retail so being polite is programmed in my brain.

Bl= (look of shock on her face) What do you mean? How am I supposed to to know if the cloths I’m buying will fit the person?

M= Do you know what size he is?

BL= yeah, about your size!

M= well I wear a medium! Good luck!

BL= Kind of rude don’t you think? You look young and obviously don’t have great manners!

M= welp I don’t work here! I’m sure there’s someone here that can help you out!

I proceed to walk off and hear her say “unbelievable” out loud. Made me chuckle.

I deal with people like this all the time. I’ll never understand people who demand something they aren’t entitled too and have the audacity to be rude about it. Like wtf?

-- Award930




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