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From  Laurasaurus1009, Tales From Retail:

I work at an outdoors supply store and we sell buckets full of worms. These sell very quickly during the spring and summer and usually are by reserve only. Meaning, if you want one, call a day or two ahead and leave your name for however many you want.

This usually isn't an issue, but I had the pleasure of meeting this gem today. The customer (C) walks into the store and comes to me directly at the front counter:

Me: "Hello sir, how can I help you?"

C: "Uh, I need a bucket of bait."

Me: "Okay, did you have one reserved?"

C: "No. I've never had to before."

I can already tell at this point he isn't gonna like anything I have to say.

Me: "Well, I usually could just sell you one, but the only ones we have left are already reserved. We'll have fresh bait, but it will probably be this afternoon before it comes in."

Customer walks to the friend he came in with and starts bickering where I can't hear a few feet from the counter.

Me: "Can I help you, sir?"

C: "So you're out of bait?"

Me: "Yes sir, I'm sorry. It's just that in the summ-"

C: "Uhh, I've never had to reserve bait before. I always just come in and buy some. How are you out?"

Me: "Well sir, in the summer they sell pretty quickly. Usually we sell more this time of year than we can keep up with. If you know you're coming down, call a day or so ahead and reserve one."

C: "But I've NEVER HAD TO. I drove a hundred miles to get bait here and you're telling me you don't have any."

Me: "I understand sir, but usually it's best if you reserve one. Like I say[sic], we'll have some probably this afternoon."

C: "I'M NOT DRIVING ALL THE WAY BACK HERE. If I'd'a known y'all were out I would just get them in __________"

I start just seeing to the next customer at this point, as I'm clearly not getting anywhere. On his way out the door he says back to me, "I'm just gonna get my bait ________ from now on. That's YOUR LOSS." I call back with my sweetest, fakest voice "Alrighty, have a nice day!"

This dude was almost as bad as the people that buy bait and expect it to live for 2 weeks in 90+ degree weather.

Seriously, fuck that guy.

-- Laurasaurus1009







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