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Signage Slip-Ups: Pie Sale

Monstrous Customers: 60 Perfumes



From  im-you-not-me, Tales From Retail:

This is a co-worker's story, not mine. It all takes place in a [brand name] clothing store.

This lady had just opened a card with us and therefore received an additional bonus percentage off their purchase. This offer was only valid for the day.

Lady: I would like to purchase 60 of the perfumes.

C: Sure.

I had to admit that she was surprised by the quantity that was requested, but none the less, did when she was told. Why sixty? I'm not sure, maybe they would be a present?

One by one, in six transactions, all sixty perfumes were rung up.

Lady: Hmm. Actually, I've changed my mind. I'd like to refund them all.

Those words were uttered as though she was stating the colour of the sky. She was so nonchalant that clarification was needed that she'd like to inform return all.

Lady: Yes, all of them.

It was then that C slipped on a big smile on her face while silently losing her shit on the inside.

-- im-you-not-me







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