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From  justathrowawaycat, Tales From Retail:

So, I work at a small family owned yogurt shop. The owners are family friends, and I've been working for them on and off as needed since they opened 7 years ago. Basically, I know the company in and out.

Anyways, we have loyalty cards we swipe for the customers to get money off future purchases. They're not attached to a name or number, we take no information from the customer, just give them a card with points on it.

Enter "I KNOW." lady, or IKL for short. M will be me.

M: "Alright, do you have a rewards card?"

IKL: "Yeah, but not on me. Look it up with my phone number."

M: "It wouldn't be under a phone number, its just a physical card. We don't take any customer information."

IKL: "Uh, yeah, you do. I use my number every time I come in here."

M: "No ma'am I'm sorry but that's not something we're able to do."

IKL: "Well clearly you must of just stopped doing it because you've always done it."

M: "It's actually never been done. I worked here years ago as well and we never did it back then either."

IKL: "Uh, yes you did. Just because you worked here a couple years back doesn't mean you know everything, because clearly you don't know anything. Because I KNOW you did it. Unlike you, I KNOW. I've been coming here since you were a little girl so believe me, I KNOW."

M: "Well, I've actually worked here on and off since we opened. We really have never done that. We don't take your information when we give you the card."

IKL: "YOU'RE LYING TO ME. I've been coming here since you were a CHILD! TRUST ME! You just don't know what you're talking about! So before you argue with a customer, maybe you should get your facts straight!"

M: "I'm not arguing with you ma'am, I'm just telling you we don't do that and never have."

IKL: "STOP ARGUING! I know what I'm talking about! I KNOW! Trust me, I KNOW! So don't try and argue because you don't know! You don't know anything!"

M: "We really don't do that, but alright. That'll be $x.xx."

IKL: "Oh yeah, sure. Right. Like you would know. Trust me I know what I'm talking about. I KNOW. I know, okay? So just stop. I know. I just KNOW. You've always done that. I KNOW YOU DO."

Like a broken record, she seriously just kept repeating "I KNOW" in various ways. Over and over and over, the whole transaction.

M: "Ok well thank you have a good day."


With that, she stormed out. Okay lady, repeating yourself doesn't make you any less wrong..

-- justathrowawaycat










Misty Meanor

I'll never understand people.


I know.

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