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From  ChumberSnap, Tales From Retail:

So my day starts off alright. I get to work around 3:30 right after school, and I start cashiering in the 10 or less lane at about 5 to help get the traffic that built up at the lanes moving a little faster. As soon as I hop on the 10 items lane, boss man (who will from now be known as BM) starts directing people with fewer items to my lane.

In comes lady 1 (who will now be L1), And lady 2 (you guessed it, L2). There are maybe 2 customers before the both of them, so they have about a 2 minute wait until either of them can get checked out. Keep in mind BM told everyone who is in my lane to come over here to get things flowing better. The customer in front of L1 starts paying and something happens with her card. No big deal but I grab BM to help out. L1 has all of her items layed out on the conveyor. L2 keeps eyeing them. Aggressively.

L1: Is something wrong miss?

L2: Yes there is actually.

L2 to BM: She has eleven items. This is the express lane.

BM looks at me with the most dead, blank and unamused expression that only said "u/chumbersnap are we actually going to have to deal with this..."

I look back and I can't help but laugh. The entire time I'm ringing up L1 who is standing there. Laughing.

BM: I can assure you that my cashier will only take a few seconds longer to finish up with the extra item. Is there anything else I can do for you?

(That was a mistake)

L2: letmeseeyourmanager.exe

You can pretty much guess what happened from there. Big argument with the manager and L2. BM let's me take an extra 15 (score) and L1 gets a nice little discount on her items as an apology from BM.

Eventually L2 came back through my lane to get checked out.

She had 13 items.

-- ChumberSnap









Haha! Sounds like the bitch that reported me at the gym for using one of the circuit machines longer than the timer, by a whole 45 seconds!Spoiler alert, they didn't care.

Misty Meanor

Hypocritical crusties, gotta love 'em...


I'd have told the old bitch off..

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