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From ReginaldVSSircee, Tales From Retail:

This just happened yesterday. I work at a fairly popular feed store chain as one of the key holders. While working what I call the gravy shift (10-6), I get this phone call for a special order. From here, we will refer to this lady as SUEL(Stuck-up Equine Lady)

SUEL: Hi I need to place a special order for my horse food

Me: Okay! If you don’t mind, I’m going to need to place you on hold for just a minute while I finish helping a customer in store

SUEL: Well why did you answer if you aren’t able to help me immediately? That seems terribly rude to your customers who call

Me: I totally agree ma’am, however I am the only other person currently working other than my cashier so I am doing the best I can. Like I said, I will be back momentarily

~30 seconds later~

Me: Okay! Sorry about that wait, what feed is it you need us to special order?

SUEL: Well finally, I’ve been waiting for 5 minutes. I need insert popular brand special diet horse food here 

Me: okay how many did you need?

SUEL: 8 ~meanwhile I’m pulling the feed up on our store website, as I’m pretty certain I have it already~

Carolanne2 053Me: Okay! Actually, it appears my other manager has already special ordered this for you and it is in.

SUEL: Well how is that possible? I didn’t call?

Me: Well ma’am, if you/a customer habitually has us special order a certain horse feed, we preemptively set it up on a regular schedule that you seem to be following so every 4-5 weeks from what I’m seeing.

SUEL: so what you’re telling me is it is old feed.

Me: umm. No ma’am. What I’m saying is your horse feed is already here, probably gettin here this Wednesday, which means you are able to just come and pick it up at your earliest convenience.

SUEL: how dare you just assume I would want it again? For all you know, my horse could have died since I last called.

Me: and if that were the case ma’am, you have no obligation to purchase the feed we ordered for you. Many other customers get this for their older horses, so it wouldn’t be a problem on our end

SUEL: well you know what they say about assuming stuff.

Me: yep. I do. Luckily this isn’t one of those cases. Like I said, the feed is here, come and get it when you are able to

SUEL: starts screaming profanities at me about how I’m a presumptuous bitch and such 


Why be upset? Like we have he feed you needed and now you don’t have to wait 2 weeks for it to get here???








"Ok, I've sent it back to the depot. So we'll reorder it for you and you can have it in 4 weeks."
"4 weeks? It's usually a month!"
"Well, yes, but someone ordered a bunch of it and they ran out."


("'s usually 2 weeks!" (Bad fingers)

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