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Monstrous Customers: Tale of the Spitter



From  GxSobes, Tales From Retail:

So, I'm a Store Manager at a fairly popular sports headwear and Jersey outlet. My location is in a mall and we get really slow traffic during the week so I try to spend a lot of time with customers to hit budget.

I was currently checking out a gentleman today, and halfway through the transaction a woman about 19 years old and her 4 year old daughter came through. I greeted them and tried to hurry my transaction to help them. As I'm doing my spiel about our rewards card the woman starts talking over me and the man in a very loud voice about wanting to see a Jersey. I told her kindly I'd be with her in a moment since I was on a solo shift.

After finishing up the transaction I head over to her and ask her if she want to see any of the baseball jerseys down she had been looking at.

She instead asks how much they are.

I tell her, they range from 90 USD to about 125 USD. She immediately scoffs and gets very close to my face and says.

"Psh, no fuckin' way, sweet heart."

First off, I hate being called any form of sweetheart, honey, etc. Plus I am at least 5 years this girl's senior and a person who shouldn't have to deal with this hostility.

I continue to inform her that this is the normal rate for jerseys and actually a good deal since they are double the price at the stadium. She then gets even closer to my face and says, "You're a fucking liar,"

And that's when she kind of spits in my face. Now, I don't know if it was intentional or not however I did have to wipe my face in front of her. I am usually a pretty calm person at work but away I'm usually known to get worked up and angry at things. My friends call it "combative", I call it passionate. Lol.

I guess my tone of, "Good luck finding them, now if you aren't going to buy anything please leave," Sounded more like a threat because she high tailed out of my store with her daughter.

I can never understand how someone can be so crass in front of their kids. This isn't the worst thing that's happened to me in 6 years of retail, but man, she almost pushed me to my limit after a 12 hour shift alone with 600 things to do.

Please be nice to use retail folk. :(

TLDR: Customer doubted me, got angry and close to my face and spit in it.

-- GxSobes





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