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From BBBG214, Tales From Retail:

I used to work in a grocery store that had a lot of the basics but didn't have anything like a deli counter or bakery that you'd see at newer or bigger stores. Apparently, when people came to shop, some didn't know this and this is how this story came to be. Me = me and BL = bakery lady

BL: (comes over to me while I'm on register) Hi, where's your icing and cake decorating stuff?

Me: Oh, it's right behind you in aisle 1. It should all be right in the middle against the left side wall.

BL: Great, thanks. Can I just bring it there to have someone decorate a cake for me?

Me: We actually don't have a bakery but we do have all of the icing stuff and there are cakes right past the fruit in a refrigerator if you'd wanna pick one of those out for a birthday or something.

BL: (going from totally normal customer to irritated) What do you mean you don't have a bakery?

Me: Yeah, I guess they never put one in. We're actually the only store for this chain in all of [State]. But like I said, we've got all the stuff you'd need to decorate a cake you'll just have to do it yourself unfortunately.

BL: I can't believe you don't have a bakery! Me: Well, I can't really help you on the bakery thing unless you go to another store.

BL: No bakery! You know, you're a little bitch! (walks off)

Me: Oh okay, cool.

I get that it's annoying that we don't have a bakery and you don't want to decorate a cake yourself but guess who doesn't have the power to create a bakery for you out of thin air? Me, the minimum wage worker who just wants to go the fuck home.









Even if you had a bakery, they aren't going to decorate a cake for the woman with random floor stock.

McHell Manager

I always hated it when people complained about a lack of *thing* in a store. I used to have an employee who HATED something about the layout of my former McD's (I can't remember what exactly it was, it was over ten years ago). But it was something that was not going to change at all. All she did was bitch, bitch, bitch about it--about something that we could literally not change unless we tore that section of the store out and rebuilt it


I remember when you had to go to one of the multiple bakers in a small town to buy fresh cookies and cakes. Only prepackaged bread and cookies were available in a grocer.


Most grocers are still like that @Jofur. If they bake cookies, they come in already prebaked and frozen, they just get reheated in the oven. Some might get shapped dough that is frozen, but that is rare since it has an increase for contamination. The cakes also come in already made and frozen, just decorated in store. Although many stores are also getting away from that and only having writing done on the cake in store. Places that do full fresh bake are becoming very rare (Although I did work as a doughnut fryer in a safeway where I had to mix, cut, and fry)

Kai Lowell

It's also a regional thing I think LadyBelle, the Hy-Vees here (farm country...explains it all really) do full baking. Cookies, breads, cakes, donuts, etc.

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