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From quarterjupiter, Tales From Retail:

So the place I work at is pretty known for being fast, if you go to any of the stores, you won’t be there longer than 5 minutes. Because of this, a lot of guests, especially during rush time, get a bit pissy but in general we just deal with it and move on. We have extremely strict company rules about making sure everything is washed and sanitized because we deal with a lot of pretty serious allergens (peanut butter, bananas, etc). So washing EVERYTHING between use is a HUGE deal.

So. Im a manager and i was just chillin in the back doing inventory when one of my team members comes back and says a lady wants to speak to a manager so i go up there to see what the issue is. I’ll be QJ and the lady will be RL. (rude lady)

QJ- Hello ma’am what appears to be the issue?

RL- I’ve been waiting for my item forever I turn to my shift leader and ask them where her thing is and he tells me it’s in the blender right now. (meaning it would literally be done in 15 seconds)

QJ- Yes ma’am I’m so sorry about that it’ll be right out for you.

RL- Well. Maybe if they didn’t stop every second and wash their hands just to waste time it wouldn’t be an issue and it would’ve been done by now.

QJ- Well we have very strict company policies due to the possible allergens we deal with.

RL- That’s really not my fault. I don’t have an allergy so why do I have to wait this long.

QJ- I don’t know ma’am maybe that’s something the brand could answer for you. We just follow the policies we’re given.

Basically after this it escalated to her yelling at us and telling me over and over again how she doesn’t have an allergy so why should she have to wait?? She starts saying how she should get her thing for free for what we’ve “done to her”.

I go and look at the check to see exactly when she placed her order and since the thing was done and given to her in under 3 minutes I inform her that because we met the goal set by our brand for time between order and giving it to her we can’t comp her and that she needs to leave right now.

So she leaves after informing me she would be calling the brand and would have this trash ass store shut down.

In case you’re wondering, this was a week ago, we have not been shut down lol.














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