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From Certified_GSD, Tales From Retail:

Currently working the front register for a small family business to pay off that wonderful student debt. I've got a collection of stories saved up that I'm finally getting around to typing out. We're a local deli/grocery cornerstore.

Not as many selections like a big chain grocer, but moreso than a gas station/convenience store; plus, we have choice meats, thick steaks, and other things you'd expect a meat counter to have. It's more expensive than what you could get at a big chain ($13.99/ LB. Strip Steaks and Ribeyes over Big Chain's $7.99/ LB., $5.99/ LB. for hamburger over $1.99/ LB.), but it sure is a helluva lot better in quality since we still cut the damn things ourselves and make 'burger from chuck and steak scraps.

In this particular tale, my boss (she is also part-owner) was going over new policies (can't remember what though) with me at the register when a customer came in to buy a newspaper. A lot of people who buy them typically just buy the paper and leave, and since we only make a dime off each of 'em, we always try to make them buy something else too.

This guy tells my boss that

Y'all should really put the newspapers by the door. People don't even know that y'all sell papers 'cause you put 'em so far into the store.

The boss then says

Sometimes folks take a paper and walk out without knowing they have to pay for them. We can't afford to give away papers for free.

The customer then tells her

Well, I think it's a waste of time to walk this far back when I can just grab one by the door.

Boss lady says

We want customers to come in and see what else they could buy [the papers sit right across from the meat case, and between candy bars and cold sodas].

The dude then has the nerve to say

Tell your boss to consider puttin' them at the front door then, or else I'll just go somewhere else to get my [local newspaper].

And without blinking, she says

Well, it's considered. I think I like the newspapers where they're at, so I'll keep them there. You can buy your newspaper elsewhere. Goodbye now, enjoy your day."

I stood there and witnessed it all.








McHell Manager

Sadly, at my local chain grocery store, $13.99/pound is the going rate for strip steak if they're not on sale, which they hardly ever are. They're also terrible quality. I miss Wegmans (another local chain store, that is super popular but sadly not in my town) they have SUPER cheap, but awesome quality meat.

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