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From datsquachguy, Tales From Retail:

I had a kind of summer job where I worked in a football stadium going up and down the stands selling popcorn. The official name for people who sell stuff going around the stands of a stadium is a Hawker. I have a number of short stories about working about 7 games, but will mabey compile them later. LTL FTP mobile etc.

I was going up across the bottom row and someone bought a box of popcorn, nothing unusual. I sold out my bag and went to refill it. When I got back in the stands I saw 2 other popcorn hawkers go across the first row. This means that anybody that wanted popcorn already bought it. I start going across pretty fast not expecting any sales.

I run past the guy I mentioned earlier and heard him call out. I go back and he says something like 'there's the popcorn guy' really excited then buys 2 boxes. I'll also say that I don't often get tips tips and when we do it's usually only about a dollar. 2 boxes equals 6 dollars and I tell him as much. He gives me a ten and tells me to keep the change. I'm pretty happy and express my thanks. Best part of the exchange is where I accidentally say "thank you ma'am" rather than thank you man. It made my day, and when your walking up and down stands for like 4 hours it's nice to be able to smile.

TL;DR guy ignores 2 people with same product to buy from me, tips generously and made me smile









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