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Retail Hell Memories: "Just take one out, I'll finish cooking it at home"



From Iownfish, Tales From Retail:

I used to work at a big supermarket chain in the UK. We had a chicken counter, deli counter, cheese etc. The whole shebang!

The chicken counter opened at 9am, we could serve you before that but it'd mainly be chicken pieces, sausages and smaller items that didn't take too long to cook. The whole chickens would be cooked for 8:50am and bagged and in the counter for 9. This was just the way it was done in this store.

One particular day a lady came up to the chicken counter wanting 3 whole chickens, it was 8:15 am, they were nowhere near cooked. I explained to the lady that there was no possible way for her to have any of the whole chickens, I'd be breaking the law to sell her a part cooked chicken and I wasn't willing to lose my job over it. (I was 16, working part time in my first real job).

This ridiculous woman then started to demand the chickens. Screaming at me that I was ruining her weekend and she didn't have another 45 minutes to wait for them to cook so she would finish cooking them at home.

She then went to the customer service desk and told them I'd refused to serve her. A manager came over and I explained the situation to him, he reiterated what i'd already told her and directed her to the raw chickens. She stormed off in a huff.

My manager stayed and spoke to me and not 5 minutes later the woman returned with 3 raw chickens and asked me to cook them. By this point there was only 20 minutes left on the oven timer, my manager explained that we couldn't cook anything from the store and if she waited the 20 minutes then she could take home 3 cooked chickens.

Her words "I don't have the time to wait another 20 minutes, just cook these ones for me instead"

Absolutely mashed my head that woman did.






Misty Meanor

The entitlement of custies never ceases to shock me.


I'm still trying to figure out how, if a chicken takes 45+ minutes to cook, she expects you to cook her raw ones in less than the 20 that are left until the others are done.

I am so confused.


In Dimwitese, 'demanding loudly' bends the laws of physics. "Here you go. Medium rare is the best way to eat chicken anyway. And say hi to Sam and Ella for me."

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