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Retail Hell Memories: "Expect to hear from my solicitor soon"


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From  hlauam, Tales From Retail:

This is my favourite memory from working in retail.

Whilst I was in university I took a Xmas temp job working in the food section of a busy department store. Customers could order their turkeys into store and collect them ready in time for Christmas.

I was working the till one day and some guy brings his turkey up to my till to pay. I scan it through and tell him the total and he immediately got angry saying it's more expensive than it was supposed to be. I explained that the price varies due to weight (it was 50p more than the average price) but he was still angry.

Still, he paid and I thought all was sorted until he leant towards me and said "you will be hearing from my solicitor about this".

I just blinked and said ok...

I never found out if he did get his solicitor involved...

-- hlauam









You will be hearing from my solicitor about this.

I always laugh at this phrasing, because it sounds like they have someone searching for their quick paid rendezvous.


Heh.. I thought the same thing, someone in fishnets and a tube top with six inch heels shows up and gives them shit over the lack of 'the back', then offers to take them in the back...

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