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Jason 019z

From HandModel_JPPrewitt, Tales From Retail:

I used to manage a small liquor store in a tourist town. I really enjoyed the job, got to meet many, MANY interesting folks.

One night around 10pm I'm getting ready to close, ringing up a customer when a man with no arms comes in. He didn't even have stubs, just totally armless. Neat. I greet him, he greets me, and heads to our wine section.

I watch him kick off his flip-flop, grab a bottle of wine, hoist it up and place it under his chin and bring it to the counter. He goes back, "grabs" another bottle and brings it to the counter.

I ring him up and bag the wine while he reaches into his pocket, retrieves a wallet with his foot, pulls out a credit card and inserts it into the machine. He did ask if he could put his feet on the counter which was polite but unnecessary.

When he's paid and wallet is back into his pocket, he grabs the bag with his mouth and heads out the door. I'm impressed with his dexterity.

It gets weird. He hops into his car and drives off.

I'm left impressed and open-mouthed. Now when I tell this story, no one believes me. I honestly wouldn't make something as unbelievable as this up, I'm not nearly clever enough!









I totally believe you. I used to live in Regina (city in Canadian prairie province) at a garage next to a car wash and used to regularly see Alvin Law wipe his minivan down after a wash with just his feet. Alvin Law is a Thalidomide baby (had the flippers instead of arms) and an amazing guy. Used to see shorts on the news showing him driving, eating, playing drums, etc. all with his feet.


One of the best pianists I've ever seen had no arms. Kinda makes me feel like everybody else is just making excuses.


I totally believe you! I saw a video about a guy born with no arms. He drives and types and even paints with his feet. Crazy flexible and dexterous.


Went to school with a guy like that as well.

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