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From Malikissa, Tales From Retail:

When I was working at the CD/DVD store, it was frequently slow on weeknights, so one night I was sorting CD's to be put out on a cart at the front so I could greet customers. I had one other employee with me to help close and she was pre-cleaning because we liked to set records with how fast we could get out after closing.

A couple walk in around 15 minutes to close, and the guy storms away, yelling, "I'll be in the heavy metal section!"

The girl, of course, looks at me and for some reason thinks I am going to be her sympathetic psychologist. This is a terrible mistake on her part. I don't want to get involved with couple drama, and to be honest, assuming I am going to be on your side because I have boobs is really her first mistake. And my other problem is that sometimes, the thing in my head that tells me that I shouldn't say what I'm thinking, doesn't function.

So, she looks at me and explains that she just got her and her boyfriend matching Twilight rings, and he refused to wear his, and she was just super upset. And then she asked me what she could do to get him to wear his ring. And my brain stopped working. "If I was dating a guy that agreed to wear a matching Twilight ring with me, I'd dump him in a heartbeat for being lame."

The dude looks up from browsing metal CDs from across the store and yells, "Exactly!" The girl gives me a confused half smile, and I mumble something about the registers and flee to the back room. My employee winds up ringing them up and I slink out of the back room a few minutes later.

"I'm going to get fired. I'm so going to get fired."

She then started cracking up and pointed out that I'd only get fired if the girlfriend complained, and the dude was so amused that hopefully the girlfriend would forget about it. Fortunately, she didn't complain, so I managed to stay employed after that bit of stupidity.











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