Grocery Store Hell: "I'm not a burglar, I swear!"
Monstrous Customers: “So you’re mad because we preemptively ordered your feed?”

Spam Mail Sunday: Not Homosexual, Just A Hipster


Spam is the hilarious scam "business" model, that we can all enjoy. Please note these are posted for hilarity; for the love of Thrognar do not try to manually visit any links you see. (You would think obvious warning is obvious, but we all know about warning labels on products too...)







Word salad with a light WTF glazing. I get a bunch of these, or used to.


Smarter thing to do would be to block out the url before posting, because like you said, people and warning labels alone...


It's not a link, you'd have to manually type it, and if you were dumb enough to manually type a URL from a post labeled 'spam mail...', you A) probably wouldn't be on this site, and 2) deserve it.

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