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Toxic Managers: Knowing It All, And Not Caring



I don't speak Fivebucks... can someone translate this?

Kai Lowell

It's riffing on the overly complicated (and in some cases impossible) orders people like to give.


I kind of got that idea, but... what is abnormal about it? :P I've seen pictures of cups with that sort of nonsense on them before.

Kai Lowell

The best I can think is that it's so extremely specific (like the 0.75 Equal - 3/4 of a packet? srsly? - and the 162 degrees) and there's just some VERY silly stuff in there (upside down? hand it out with the alternate hand?) - that makes it all just a big heap of WTF.


I've repeatedly seen people in all seriousness order coffee at specific temperatures, in stories online. Usually 173 degrees. I assumed 'upside down' and 'alt hand off' was some Starbuckese like 'with room' like put in the milk first. And I would not in any way be surprised to find that both people do order 3/4ths of a equal packet but will repeatedly bitch about it if they think it was done incorrectly.

Guess I stepped in Poe's law. :P

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