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1 managerFrom SirSplodingSpud, AskReddit

I used to be a labourer at a small building company, and the boss isn't too bright. So one day he decides he needs the hose, seeing as I'm closer he says "SirSplodingSpud, pass me the hose."

Simple enough, says I, so I reach down to pick it up, only to discover a bucket of water sitting on the other, tangled end, about 3 metres away. I give the hose a tug or two, but nought happens. As it turns out the bucket was filled with water.

So I put my end of the hose down and walk towards the bucket.

Then my boss yells "SirSplodingSpud, I said pass me the hose!!!"

"I just need to move the bucket," I reply.

"Forget the damn bucket SirSplodingSpud, I said pass me the hose!"

So I move away from the bucket and pick up the end of the hose.

He yells angrily "Never mind, you're taking too long, I'll do it."

He picks up the hose and yanks angrily, trying to dislodge the almighty bucket, to no avail.

"SirSplodingSpud! Move that damn bucket!" He screams.

This is the point where he realises the hose is not attached to the tap. He walks over, not half a metre away from where the bucket sat, to plug the hose in and turn it on, all the while muttering that I'm a bad worker.

This is just one of many incidents that happened with all employees there.

I was fired this morning, unlawfully. Not a lot I can do. I haven't been there long enough to sue for wrongful termination, so I get a week's pay then I'm on my way.

His only 'reason' for firing me was "Avoiding future trouble". No one else has had a problem with my work, but other builders told me he was looking for someone else to do the same job, but for cheaper.




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