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I have already given a tale regarding my bitch female manager, but this story pertains to my the biggest dickhead manager of all (DM). There were 4 managers at the alley and DM was the manager of the other 3. If 'pompous' had a picture in the dictionary it would be this guy: fat, bad toupee, cheap suits and an arrogant swagger. His style of management was to avoid doing any work and treat employees like shit while he swaggered round the alley trying his best to look important.

One slow morning myself and 4 other colleagues were stood round my station (the front desk) just shooting the shit because we had nobody in. DM comes out the office and comes to join in our conversation. Okay, fair enough. We're chatting amicably enough when DM makes a reference to something that is way over my head (remember I am 16, not mid 40s like him). All my other co-workers (in their 20s) go along with it while he laughs at his own joke; meanwhile I just look confused.

DM: Phoolf, don't you get it? (He says, cackling at his own joke)

Me: (confused)

DM: Doesn't surprise me though, because you're stupid.

Now I'm stunned into silence. DM has just dissed me in front of my co workers who laugh nervously while he laughs as loud as possible right at me. Because it's cool to shit on a 16 year old girl right?

I quickly excuse myself and go to the bathroom. I'm in tears through embarassment and call up my then boyfriend who calms me down and gives me a pep talk and some sagely advice.

After I come out everybody has dispersed and DM is in the back office. I psyche myself up and go in.

Me: DM I don't think it's appropriate for a manager like yourself to speak to me like that.

DM: What?

Balls award5Me: You put me down in front of my co workers and it shows a lack of respect and was really inappropriate.

He begins to look shocked at how well I am handling this. I carry on.

Me: If something like this happens again I will be contacting [name of regional district manager] and the corporate office about you speak to your employees.

DM is now dumbfounded and scrambling to apologise to me. I explained that all I would like is for him to treat me with the same respect he gives everybody else. He apologises and I leave.

Later on I go into the office and sit to do some paperwork. He is sat opposite me and says 'Phoolf, please may you pass me the stapler?'

'Certainly DM' I say, smiling inside.

From that day on he was on a knife edge not to offend me and was overly polite. I felt like a winner.





Phoof, long ago whenever a female did something right or well, we would say, "You go, girl!" I say that to you!

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