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1 managerFrom Ybarae

After bartending for a while through college, I decided that I wanted to get a job in an office so that I could have regular hours, paid vacation, weekends and holidays off, etc. I figured it would also look much better on my resume for when I graduated as well, so taking a pay cut from making great tips to hourly pay didn't bother me at all.

Keep in mind I am a female, easy on the eyes, and dealt with guys hitting on me regularly at the bar. In addition, managers and employees were all laid back enough to joke about pretty much anything without anyone getting offended.

Now, I interviewed at a small firm, owned by one man, with 3 other workers on site. Considering my experience level, I applied for a position as their admin/receptionist. I was hired immediately after my first interview. Everything went well for the first two months; I was even given a $4 raise and a bonus.
After this raise, however, my boss started getting extra creepy. He would send me instant messages telling me that I looked very nice, that I had beautiful legs, and other "compliments" on my body and attire. Now, considering I dealt with a lot of this kind of talk from my previous job, I was good at brushing this crap off. So that is what I did.

Unfortunately, he only got worse.

Not long after, the firm was past its busy season and the other workers would often take off early for the day. I had to stay to man the phone lines and all that, so I would end up stuck in the office alone with him for 2-3 hours at the end of each day.

The guy would send me messages asking me if I was involved with anyone, telling me his about how he and his wife (yes, married and had a daughter around my age) were no longer "romantic" together and how he would love to take me out to dinner, blah blah blah. He would come to my desk and stand there and gaze at me, look me up and down, make me feel completely uncomfortable, and continue to harass me. I put up with it longer than I should have, but once I had enough, I put in my two weeks and went back to bartending.

Creepy custy dudeI had plenty of evidence from saved AIM messages, texts, etc., which I could have probably used to sue him for sexual harassment, however I decided not to bother. It would have been too much trouble, and although there were only a few other workers at the firm, I really liked them and didn't want to see them lose their jobs because of a big sexual harassment lawsuit. All that trouble just wasn't worth it to me, so I left.

BTW, for anyone out there wondering if I led him on or gave him a reason to act like this (dressing slutty, etc.), I assure you that was not the case. I wore business suits, and on Fridays I wore classy, but casual attire.

When he made his advances towards me, I would decline and explain I had a serious boyfriend. All that didn't seem to faze him. I would say thank you when he gave be normal enough compliments, however when they got to be too pervy, I would ignore him altogether.

The only thing I did wrong was working for him for too long, instead of leaving at the first sign of harassment.




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