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4 managerFrom Youbetripping, AskReddit

Long post, sorry folks. Just finished and feel very worked up right now! I was 21 and fresh out of university as a business graduate. I'm in the UK.

Started working in a large retail store as an assistant manager. Met little sweet old lady struggling (she looked around 80, apparently worked there for 30+ years and had pneumonia/stroke in last couple of years) to get up the stairs to the staff room. Had a quick chat and introduced myself to her. I assumed it was pride that had her walking up the stairs, when we had two perfectly good lifts that were rarely used.

I question a member of staff. Turns out the store manager told her to not use the lifts, as they are for moving stock only. (They were passenger lifts, not like freight elevators or anything). There was no reason for her to be required to use the stairs.

Literally the day after, I come in and all my staff seem upset. I find out she was taken to hospital not long after finishing work that day and had passed away.

I'm in the warehouse with two of the lady's best friends and the store manager. The older friend is very upset, she's talking about the lady's husband and how she and some others are going to go round and make him feel better that evening.

The older friend says "I feel sorry for Rob (widower), he is worried about getting her uniform back to the store."

I say, "Don't be silly, that isn't important."

Store Manager says, "Yeah and formaldehyde can only do so much."

Both friends of the lady run off in tears, I just walk away.

The day I quit was about two weeks later. I'd worked 60 hours each week (no overtime pay).

(Also to side track, she said I was entitled to an hour unpaid break. "But most people only take 30 minutes," Store Manager said. I took an hour, she kicked off and said, "I told you to take 30 mins as there is too much to do!")

Jason GrrThis day I started at 8am and it was now 9:30pm. So I went home and completely crashed. Woke up at 8am to get to work for 9am. I saw I had a text at 10:30pm asking me to be in for 8am from store manager. I made it in for 8:45am. She called me to her office.

"How can you just waltz in here, nearly an hour late?" she says.

"I wasn't given enough notice, plus I was due to start at 9am, so I'm 15 minutes early" I replied.

"If I tell you to be in at 8am, you make sure you're in at 8am, I texted you last night!" she angrily replied.

"I was asleep, I finished work at 9:30pm and was asleep at 10pm" I stated.

She smirked "I text you at 9:30pm."

I literally had to show her the text to prove that she was wrong.

Then she says "Anyway, if my manager told me to be in, I'd be in."

I said, "If you were on 15k like me, you would not."

She says, "Bill made it in and he's an assistant manager too."

I said "If he was on 15k like me, he would not."

She said "He is on 15k, but it is company policy not to talk about salary or pay with other workers," so yep, of course he was on 15k...

I told her the issues the staff have with her, and she asked for names. I obviously didn't drop anybody in it. Told her how making me not take breaks and working overtime puts me below minimum wage. She told me to get a coffee to cool off and think about what I wanted do. I texted parents and my long term girlfriend. All unanimously told me to just walk out and not go back.

I went back to her office and she said, "Right now that you've cooled off, we'll look into booking you into going to the barnstaple store..."

"Nope, I quit. Nobody here likes you. I refuse to accept 60 hours a week of work for 15k a year."

Other issues:

Carolanne evil womanDidn't want me to talk to security as it distracts from my work (we were having £1500 of razors + batteries a week stolen).

Spoke to staff like scum, security guards even worse.

Didn't let people on tills take bathroom breaks, so only allowed to go once a day during 9 hour shift.

Kept calling it "my store" never "our store" which alienated the staff.

Expected people to "face down" (move stock to front of shelf) towards end of their shifts and wouldn't let people leave until it was all done. Usually would be half hour late. I tried to change this and started an hour before closing so we would all get out 5-10 minutes late instead. She lost her shit. Said that's the way we've always done it.

Literally the only person I've ever met who I thought was genuinely evil.

Best part? She's not in that store anymore... She was promoted to area manager.





No bathroom breaks violate federal law. No overtime pay violates federal law unless you are salary. Changing posted schedule without notice... Illegal.


"I'm in the UK." so the laws are different, but I'm sure there's something about it there...

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