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Toxic Managers: It's My Fault, But I'm Still Writing You Up


3 managerFrom shorthanded, AskReddit

When I was a young gaffer, I needed a job, so I got one at a grocery store bakery. Start time: 5am. No problem.

Bike to work, door is locked. 4:50am.

See other bakers inside, so I bang on doors and windows until they see me and let me in. 5:07am.

Bakery Manager: "We'll need to write you up for being late"

Me: "I was here on time. Look at the cameras?"

Her: "Union policy, have to write you up, but it's my fault you didn't get the door code - I'll make sure to get it to you today."

End of day: no door code, manager left early.

Next day: Show at at 4:40. Other bakers inside, me locked outside. Repeat steps: now late by three minutes.

Freddy not impressedHer: "We unfortunately do have to write you up - one more and you'll be subject to discipline.

Me: "You do, in fact, know that I was here 20 minutes early."

Her: "Union policy, sorry, gotta do it. I'll have a door code ready for you by the time you leave."

End of day: Manager left early, again. Go to store manager:

Him: Well, if she writes you up, it's too late for me to do much - however, I'll make sure she gets you the door code, and I'll let the other bakers know to get the door at 5 exactly.

Next half dozen shifts I get let in by other bakers - until the weekend, when I'm the only one there that early. I'm locked out until 6am.

Bakery Manager: You were late three times in your first two weeks

Me: We both know that it's your fault.

Her: Right, right. Sorry for that. I'll have you a door code by the end of your shift, but you can't be late again.

End of shift comes - still no door code, still a manager left early.

Next shift: FUCK THAT I'M SLEEPING IN. Get panicked phone call from bakery manager at 7am: "Where are you? You realize that you're subject to discipline now!"

Me: I quit. I wrote the store manager an email to that effect. Don't call me again.

Six weeks later, the union sent me a check for $500, and an invitation to get my job back. Something about how the union found out what happened, and they decided it was unfair termination or something, despite the fact that I quit.

I didn't take my job back, but did find out the bakery manager was let go of shortly after. Cheryl, if you're reading this, you can fuck yourself in the face. You can't manage a bakery, and I'm awesome.




Misty Meanor

She had to have done that on purpose.


It's a good thing Cheryl was let go because short of breaking a window and crawling through broken glass carefully, it was her fault!

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