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3 managerFrom bigfootscousin, AskReddit

I have been working for the same shopping company for about 4 years. A little over 2 years ago my boss got diagnosed with cancer and took a less stressful position. His replacement was a part timer.

We all thought he would be a great boss. He saw everything that was wrong and needed to be fixed while he was part time, and was in a position to fix it.

We were wrong.

Most people would be happy with a lenient boss, but when your employees can literally call you a bitch to your face and walk out, it's time to fire somebody.

People would call off 3-4 times their first month. Some of them wouldn't do anything at all. We have drug addicts who are falling over next to him, and he sends them home for the day. I would go to his office and tell him one of his supervisors was passed out, stalling my job, only to be shown a video of monster trucks. The boss knew all about it, but did nothing.

He constantly let the other shift push more of their work into ours. He tells us we should be thankful for the hours. However, twelve hour shifts in below 0 weather is a little excessive for me to be thankful over.

All in all, my boss is a useless bitch who put in his two weeks notice about a week before this posting.




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