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2 managerFrom Danielle Houseman, Kitchenette Jezebel

As a teenager I worked at a McDonald’s, and a mishap with the hash browns led to my arm being splashed with boiling oil. I had a huge burn from my elbow to my wrist, covering my entire forearm.

I dashed immediately back into the kitchen and put this burn under cold water, writhing in agony.

After what felt like no time (this burn was bad; time had no meaning), my supervisor came back and said, “I’m counting this as your 20 minute break, but you have to go back now.”

I showed him how my whole left forearm was now raw meat and said there was no way I could hygienically work (mind you, I am in a lot of pain and choking back tears), and an argument broke out.

Eventually they allowed me to leave, but only after a very thorough lecture and I was bullied into signing a form and made to promise that I would not seek medical attention.

Yes, McDonald’s bullied a teenage girl with a serious burn into not getting any help.

--Danielle Houseman




Oh, screw them! Burns and any other injuries to the skin need attention! I hope you disobeyed and went to the doctor. My cousin spilled hot oil on herself and when her shift ended, she came home and showed her mom. She was working at KFC at the time as a teen.

Misty Meanor

That should be illegal!


@Misty - Oh that is very illegal. Forcing an employee to refuse medical treatment for an injury on the job. OSHA would be all over that. That's a workman's comp case right there!


Not to mention that unless you were 18, that document they forced you to sign isn't legally binding in any way, shape, or form.

Where were your parents in this? Mine would have taken one look at the injury and marched me straight to the emergency room, signed document be damned.


Age shouldn't matter, if they bullied you to sign, it is under duress and likely invalid anyway.

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