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Toxic Managers: The Police Want To Speak To You, Boss


2 managerFrom PennyoftheNerds, AskReddit

This is going to be a super special kind of boss from Hell.

I used to work at a shoe store. One night we were robbed at gunpoint. I called the boss from the store phone, as I was young and didn't have my own cell phone yet, after I called the police and she rejected all of my calls and immediately sent me to voicemail. She then proceeded to do the same to the police when they called her at first.

They were more persistent and weren't having any of it at all. They just kept calling until she finally got annoyed and answered. She told them it was late and she was off the clock, so this didn't concern her. She refused to come down and close up the store. I wasn't a key holder and my coworker was being taken down to the station for questioning. After a couple minutes of back and forth, she eventually just hung up on the police.

The police just told me to not even worry about and just leave the store open.

This spurred an entire chain of events that ended in me giving notice. The police formed the assumption that she and my coworker, who was counting money on the counter in front of windows when the store was robbed, were in on the heist together. They were convinced there was no other reason for a worker who had been there for close to twenty years to be counting money in clear view of people passing by while the store was open, and for a boss to work that hard to ignore them.

Luckily I was spared from the blame since I was in the back of the store at the time and happened to catch the gunman out of the corner of my eye and hid. I was also the one who called the police.

The police investigated my boss, asked me a ton of questions, and ultimately ruled both her and my coworker out. However, they put stipulations in place to keep our store safe until they caught the guy, and she didn't follow a single one. She would duck out early and leave co-workers in the store by themselves at night, flat out claiming that if the robber were to come back she "didn't want to be here for it."

On weekday nights there was only one person closing, as opposed to two, like the police had requested.

After another local store in our chain was robbed at gunpoint, she took all her vacation days at once and, by the time I had left, no one had seen her in over two weeks. She refused to pick up her phone for any employees or the store phone as well. She was the store manager.

Worst boss ever.




Misty Meanor

Toxic is an understatement!

I know it better

It always amazes me how can people, without the slightest amount of competence, end up (and stay!) managers.


It's not just cream that floats to the top...

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