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1 baristaFrom RHUer

One place I worked had the coffee brewers lined up at the bar so we, the baristas, could face customers when getting their coffee.

Well, one evening this Rhodes Scholar decided that she was going to get her own coffee, grabbed a cup and pressed on the lever.

Mind you the spouts were on our side, so I don't know where she thought the coffee was going to come out of. Or, more importantly, why we had made the lever so hard to reach and ‘backward.’

Well the coffee was coming out... on our side.

But she started pressing down even harder and boiling coffee was spraying all over my co-worker.

She couldn't understand why we very angrily kicked her out.

(We were blessed with a sink with an extendable spray faucet, so when my coworker shrieked in pain and fled, he was able to be hosed liberally with cold water from the faucet by another coworker. He was okay, thankfully.)




Misty Meanor

She was stupid enough to think she could do that, she didn't deserve to be in there!

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