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I'm ranting about this today because I'm thoroughly done with this fucking woman who comes through our drive through every day.

She will order 2 drinks, various flavors, but always with 8 shots each. Every single time she gets to the window, she sips one drink and goes "it doesn't taste like 8 shots" or "they're dead, did you pull them between 18 and 20 seconds?" and then insist that BOTH drinks be remade. (Side note: I'm sure some fucking idiot informed her about the shot pull times, and so she now uses that knowledge as much as she can.)

I have a feeling she pulls this shit because she has some sort of control issues, I only say this because she will literally hawk eye every move you make and scream questions about the drinks through the window such as: "Are you sure you hit the button for 8 shots?" "You're letting them die!" "Can you make sure to check if they're pulling at 18 seconds?"

This goddamn woman runs my drive thru times up at least 3x what they were before without fail. Every time she comes up I want to rip my hair out.

The whole issue could be solved if she just fucking came inside the store and watched us over the counter the first time, but she absolutely refuses to. It's been suggested multiple times without outwardly calling her out to avoid confrontation.

My manager has been informed, I'm not sure if anythings been done or not. She's said if it persists to let her know, but I'm not sure if she was understanding that this is an incident that happens every time this woman comes through.





We have a similar issue with a regular my coworkers and I thoroughly dislike. She asks us to Pause for 5 seconds between each or her three sugars in her coffee. If your 5 seconds don't match the 5 seconds she thinks is correct for every single micro-particle of sugar dust have a chance to land in her cup, she makes you start over again, and acts as if you're the worst heckin' person at your job.

I did ask her at one point what the difference was if I allowed for the sugar dispenser visibly stop pouring sugar rather than wait the 5 seconds, only to get yelled at that "IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!" ... so i audibly counted out 5 seconds. " 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5"

She refuses to be served by me now, saying I "gave her poor customer service". Too bad she now does the same to my coworkers.


Fivebucks brought this on themselves, by being pretentious douchebags when they first got popular... they encouraged everyone else to be dickheads, and now they're paying for it.

Unfortunately, everywhere else that ISN'T fivebucks is also affected by this, because people thing being an asshole about their coffee makes them cool...


I suggest a new policy, effective immediately: all drink remakes are done inside, not in the drive thru, no exceptions.

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