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I recently got hired at a coffee shop/cafe. The shop has a ton of regulars and not all of them are the good kind!

Sure I have a couple old guys that always give a tip but recently I met one of infamous regulars. Let’s call her V.

Well V loves Espresso and orders four shots when she comes in. So when she ordered, I rang her up our typical way and it totaled to a little over $3.

V became very distressed and began to yell that she never got charged that much before.

My manager stepped in and explained that I did everything correctly and finally after 10 minutes of yelling she walked away unsatisfied.

My manager told me to keep an eye on her to see the special ingredient she adds to her espresso before she left. And almost out of thin air V pulls a tiny bottle full of what I thought was water but my manager corrected me and explained that it was straight vodka!

She drinks four shots of espresso and vodka!!! I was really close to puking at the thought of that taste combination!





She was probably passing out from the vodka before, so this way she can stay awake and pretend to be a functioning alcoholic.


How is this very different than the popular espresso martinis or other coffee cocktails? or all the coffee infused beers? Vodka really doesn't have much flavor so it will just be alcoholic coffee.

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