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We have a girl who drives us crazy. I guess you could classify her drink as a cappuccino but there’s absolutely no milk in there. It’s all foam and it has to be bone dry. Like turn a spoon upside down and it stays thick. It’s 2 shots and ~some mysterious amount~ of vanilla flavor. If you make it even a smidge wrong she asks you to remake it. Which would be fine except she doesn’t know how to articulate what’s wrong with it. A common interaction between her and a new person on bar goes like this:

Her: Do you need me to explain my drink to you?

Barista: (looking at her order) no. It’s pretty straight forward in the directions.

Her: (takes a sip) yeah this isn’t my drink! This is sweet milk.

Barista: oh ok. Maybe I added to much vanilla. Do you know exactly how much you want?

Her: I don’t know what’s in it. They just know how to make my drink right!

At that point she always calls over a veteran and has us make her drink. That’s right. A customer tries to redeploy my baristas because she can’t be bothered to know the recipe for her super high maintenance drink





Please pardon my ignorance, but what does it mean when a drink is "dry" or "bone dry?"

Kai Lowell

I *believe* it's when there's lots of foam but no actual liquid milk? My coffee terminology is a bit rusty...


I asked the same thing a while back, and yeah, it appears to be 'all foam'. I'm not sure how exactly 'a lot of liquid with bubbles in it' is dry, but...

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