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So for background, I worked at a speciality, small coffee shop right outside of Seattle and all the baristas there had college degrees and at least 2 years of Barista experience before we started working there.

Well one morning it was me, and another girl who graduated with her masters at 20 years old. Anyways, we are working and this man comes in with a big, long, complicated Starbucks order, I believe it was like a venti, decaf, caramel macchiato with raspberry or something. I would have been happy to make something similar, but our largest cup was a 16 ounce and we didn't have the raspberry syrup he wanted.

We offered him a caramel latte and he dismissively was like "Yeah, sure whatever, just get me coffee."

So the other girl made his drink while I start ringing up the next customer. Well she hands him his drink and first he says,

"This isn't a venti I ordered a venti."



Coworker: "Well sir, this is the largest size we have, I only charged you for the 16 ounce."

Man: "This will never last me all the way to the coast! I'll have to go buy another drink because of this! And it costs more then a venti does, why is it smaller? It's bullshit!"

Coworker: "Sorry sir, there's comment cards over by the condiment bar if you want to tell the owner to offer bigger sizes."

Man: "Yeah, like they'd listen, whatever!"

He then takes a sip.....

Man: "This tastes so wrong! Where is the raspberry?!?!" He was getting really angry at this point. "Fuck you guys! No wonder you work at a coffee shop, you're too stupid to do anything worthwhile in your life! It's a good thing my daughter is in med school so she doesn't end up like you retards! You can't even make coffee right and it is not that hard! etc. etc. etc."

He kind of just kept yelling and ranting as he walked out of the store with his coffee. I wish I could have seen the look on his face when he realized that I was on my way to go to Pharmacy school just like his precious daughter, and the other girl already had a masters. But oh well.




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