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The irony is strong with this one

Barista Hell: "Starbucks Secret Menu!"


2 baristafuckoffFrom jmcrazy, Barista

Two come to mind. One lady comes up to the counter with an order written on her phone. Starbucks secret menu.

I say, "Well we don't do things the same way they do so I wouldn't recommend ordering anything like that here."

Her order says something like "half sleep tea, half mint tea and fill the cup half with lemonade".

She says "Well you're the closest coffee shop... soo....."

I really try to push that, while we do have mint tea, chamomile tea and lemonade I definitely do not recommend mixing all of them in the same cup...I can't even figure out if this is supposed to be a hot or cold drink.

She said she just wants it and it's supposed to be hot. Wtf, we keep a lemonade concentrate in our fridge and I'm not asking our barista to steam it....

I tell her I'll have to charge her for two teas and a small lemonade.

She's annoyed and says, "Just do something like this."

I charge her 7 bucks and she gets a lukewarm mess. I can't tell you how much I stressed that our tea is really good and if she just wanted a sweetened hot tea with lemon It'd definitely be delicious. Oh well.

One more.

A lady ordered a toast on granola bread with cinnamon butter (a local chef makes it for us, it's so good) and wanted her money back or a free drink because she was allergic to nuts. How are you gonna order granola bread when you're allergic to nuts?!




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