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2 baristafuckoffFrom RHUer

The door is locked, lights are off, CLOSED sign hanging on the window......

Man bangs on the drive thru window: “ARE YOU GUYS STILL OPEN?!?!?”

Me: "No, sir!" I shake my head 'no.'

The customer pulls around out of the drive thru, walks up to the door, pulls on the handle and finds that it's locked. Looks at the hours sign, then looks at watch, then pulls on door again like it's magically going to be unlocked now.

Me: "Sir, we closed! You'll have to come back tomorrow!"

He stares at me, where he can clearly see me doing my post-closing cleaning thing in a not-uniform shirt.

Man: "I need a [yells order through the closed door]."

Me: "We closed at 11. That was ten minutes ago. We're closed! We'll open at 5:30AM!"

Man: [repeats his order, louder].

He's not listening. I walk up to the door. Sigh. Here we go!

And now, presenting, the Coffee Shop Of Doom Charades Show! [drumroll]

I point to the hours sign, look at my watch and shake my head.

He looks at his own watch, then stares hard at me and taps his own watch.

Closed bitchI point to the hours sign again, point to my own watch, with more emphasis, and shake my head.

He jabs his finger, hard, at his own watch and scowls at me.

I raise my eyebrows, shake my head 'no,' and turn my back, walking away. The machines are all back flushed and the grinders are cleaned. Too bad, my dude.

He knocks angrily, but I'm no longer acknowledging him. I hear the screech of tires, and then he's at the drive thru window, just yelling obscenities at the speaker, amusing the hell out of all of us. He pulls up to the window, leans out of his car and bangs on the window. My manager looks him in the eyes, pointed right at him, and laughs. Loudly.

The rest of us follow suit, shaking our heads exaggeratedly.

Finally he drives away, twenty minutes after closing.

Motherfucker, we go by OUR clocks, not yours!




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