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Well things have just gone from bad to worse.

My manager is starting to lose his grip, so much so that he has begun to run to his dad (the owner) about every little thing that is going wrong and some major shit just went down this passed week.

Give you a little background for those who might not have seen my other post but my manager is unprofessional, immature, narcissistic, a cheap mother fucker, unable to take responsibility for his mistakes, and honestly has never had to work hard for anything in his life.

My boss has had multiple conversations about needing to be professional, even given me an hour long lecture about it MEANWHILE he asks another employee if her people eat bugs (she's from Albainia) and has also asked her if she's ever gotten shit stuck in her fake nails. Oh, and when I called him out for this obvious unprofessional behavior he claimed it was all a joke but then later switched his story (within the same conversation) and said he only asked her that to make her think about her food safety. (We're actually not allowed to have fake nails and if you do you're supposed to wear gloves but he has never enforced this rule nor has he tried since this conversation so obviously he just pulled that out of his ass as an excuse for his poor behavior.)

His track record of being a manager? Well let's see, he's made almost all of his employees cry, has called everyone stupid or retarded at least once (for me, I've heard that 5 times), he has cussed at employees, has even had arguments with his father at work where, in front of employees, had to call his mom to take his side.

When people call off or a shift is short he is never there to help, once time I had 3 call offs for a morning shift, I only had 2 people for front counter (who were newer employees at the time), 1 person to take orders at the drive thru, make coffee, grab the bake goods and cash out, 1 person to make the sandwiches and then me, who was supposed to be in the back but had to come out to help drive thru.

Manager from hellCalled my manager to tell him what was going on and how I couldn't bake today so we'd probably run out of some donuts to which he replied; "You are NOT allowed to run out of anything!" then his comment about our extremely short shift; "Well I was at a wedding last night and I didn't get to bed till really late so I'm tired but good luck."

Mind you our store is right off of a highway exit, so that was fun.

I've also witnessed him tell his dad he refused to be scheduled for a certain shift because he had a party he wanted to go to and when the other shift lead spoke up and said "Oh well it's your business better come run it, because if we tried to pull that we'd get 0 hours for a week as punishment." to which he said "I'm not coming in." That after noon shift had 2 people.

My "manager" doesn't do any book work, doesn't go to the bank to get change (another shift lead has to do that), he doesn't do the schedule (his father even has a shift lead punch it into the computer and print it), he refuses to work out front, he refuses to pick up shifts to help run his own business, doesn't do anything manager like other than call in pay roll and he often has a hard time getting that in when it's supposed to.

His dad? Well his dad doesn't want anything to really do with the business, won't even take phone calls that are for him and tells us to always say he's unable to speak. His dad is also on meds for his mental state, how do I know? Because my manager, his son, has told us that's why we should never listen to his dad. L to the O to the fucking L, right?


My boss has started running to his dad every single day when he's up set with something. I legit hear "Daaaaaad, so and so isn't listening to me" about 10 times a day now.

Now for the passed 2 weeks my manager has been fighting with one of the shift leads because she defended another employee. It was the end of morning shift, this employee was leaving but noticed no one had a head set on, there were 6 cars at Drive Thru waiting at the speaker and he set his personal stuff down for a second and put on a head set just to help real quick.

My manager came in, took the employee's vape that was on the counter, wrote the employee up and yelled at him. My manager didn't bother to yell at the afternoon employees who had the head set off of their ears, he yelled at the employee who stayed to help and wrote him up over a vape on the counter.

Jason ArghThis shift lead stood up to him, manager called his dad but left out the details where this employee was actually helping and only said he set his vape down on the counter. This shift lead told my manager he's only acting this way because he feels like his "authority" is being challenged and he doesn't feel respected so he's trying to force everyone to take him seriously. My manager then tells this shift lead that she is the one who actually has ego issues, and that she's just trying to force him to respect her. (lol)

Fast forward and my manager and his father ganged up on this shift lead. They were cussing at her, asking her questions but when she went to answer to only scream "DON'T TALK OVER US!" and when she didn't answer "DON'T IGNORE US!" They kept basically attacking her until she started to cry, when she started to cry my manager said "she's only crying because she has something to hide." And when she just took a couple steps back the owner turns to my manager and says "I know what you mean now when you talk about her. She's crazy and she'e a huge issue." then the owner screams at her and says "You know what, if you're going to act like that, just go home."

What was that about? SHE WORE HER NAME TAG. THAT'S RIGHT. She wore her name tag but because it was under her scarf because she worked at drive thru they tore into her and sent her home after insulting her and calling her crazy.

My manager and the owner have never really been on the same page, and the owner often tells his son to fuck off because he never wants to talk to him but now it seems he's so annoyed that his son is hounding him that he's just going to take his side.

The next day I was given the 3rd degree over some petty doodles on paper my manager found. He also hounded me about who says what about him.

Freddy Choke JasonI fucking hate him, he's a piece of trash and a child. He thinks he can fucking treat us like fucking trash and nothing will happen. I've honestly considered a mini "strike" where everyone calls off on fat tuesday.

I would love to find another job but given my situation, I just can't afford to lose the hourly wage plus my paid vacation. I'm currently living with a horrible old man, who is also an alcoholic. Not to mention needing to make rent and pay some debts away... I've considered talking to my mom about getting my old job back but I know she can't afford to match my pay nor would I get the paid vacation, or even over time if I need it. My main plan right now is awaiting my boyfriend to get a job at Ford or GM and that way I will be able to afford a different job or maybe even cut down on my hours where I wouldn't have to see the manager or the owner. 

The alcoholic is my boyfriend's father. The only other possible place we could go is with friends but their relationship is not in a good state and they fight often, either way my living situation will not be a good one until I have saved up enough to get my own house or possible a trailer.

end of rant.





I hope your BF gets that Ford job and his dad needs AA really bad! His dad should move into a group home for addicts because living with an addictive person doesn't do anyone any good. Seriously, I hope Karma or something along those lines has your boss quiting or being let go from the job! You don't make others cry or call them retards because that's what hurtful, immature school kids do to each other! It's beneath someone in a manager position!


This place is going under. Make plans for it, and hope you find something else before it happens. I was so wore down in one job from the hostility and long hours, that I would have lived in my car or a tent at the point where I quit.


I suspect it will end with the father snapping or the manager getting fired after too many complaints about him from the HR people.


You are investing too much of yourself into the situation. Go to work. Do your job. Clock out and leave. Spend as much energy being upset about this and the people upsetting you spend thinking about you. Nobody can make you feel this bad unless you let them.

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