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I have worked at the same coffee shop/gas station for 4 years now and it's honestly getting to me in a really bad way...

The job itself is not hard, I make a good hourly wage (12.50), tips are decent and being able to make up my schedule every week plus paid vacation is nice too.

But the management makes this all seem not worth it. For the past couple months he has had a bigger stick up his ass than normal, and this goes far beyond "no one likes the manager" kinda normal stuff.

He wants things done differently every single day just so he can correct you on something when he sees you. If you show up to work sounding sick he'll lecture you on how you should of called off but also punishes and lectures you when you don't give him 24 hour notice of you being sick, and even if you give him that 24 hour notice he says you should try to come in anyways... like what the hell do you want from me?

He has given me lectures about being "professional" and how I need to act more professional when at work meanwhile he'll ask a shift lead if she gets shit stuck in her fake nails. Is that what you mean by professional or does the meaning change depending who you are? I must of missed that lesson somewhere...

One day I had come into work and the midnight shift lead was a bitch to me, making snarky comments about my kpop music, and when I told her no one gave a shit about her opinion she kept firing back at me saying I must be "on the rag" and then made a cat noise at me, so I stood up for myself. When the manager came to me to ask about the situation... HE YELLED AT ME! He told me I should of just let her say that stuff to me and just be the "bigger person". I'll let customers treat me like shit, and I guess I have to let the manager treat me like shit but I'm going to fucking stand up for myself when another employee is legit being a cunt.

About a month later after that another employee and I got into a argument while we were on break, the issue had nothing do with work but she told me to go fuck myself and I called her a cunt in return. She later goes to the manager, though I had texted him before she saw him, AND HE TELLS ME HE HAS NO TOLERANCE FOR SHIFT LEADS CAUSING DRAMA AND WON'T TOLERATE ANYONE BRINGING A NEGATIVE VIBE TO THE WORK PLACE. Then said, "I have higher standards for my shift leads."

Clearly not because the midnight shift lead can do whatever the hell she wants with no lecture or punishment.

Manager from hellAnd when he lectured me about the issue again he was trying to tell me I need to be a better person, asking me about other rumors he heard and details on other dramas which were none of his fucking business. I even told him the only thing I even did wrong was get into the argument at work, and that all he should tell me is not to bring that drama to work, but instead he tried to tell me whatever happens between employees both in and outside of work is apparently his business?

He also has a huge issue with double standards. When I'm the baker for the day he demands that I write down my bagel numbers as I go but the midnight baker sits down at the end of her shift and writes down her numbers right before she leaves, he tried to lecture me about this twice saying, "How can you even remember all the bagels you made?" and "Well I want you to do it this way." and when I mention how if it's approved for the midnight baker to do it last, then is must be approved for me to do it to. Apparently I just "shouldn't worry about what other people do."

The manager came in on xmas and started having a panic attack because he found out people were taking normal breaks (paid 30 minute break) he said that on holidays the new standard is that you only get a 15 minute paid break and must clock out for the last 15 minutes if you wanted the full 30 minute break. He had came in after half the people had already gone, so obviously the rest of us were up set because that bullshit and unfair. If that's what he wanted he should of said something before xmas, not just make that choice halfway through the morning shift...

He also was bitching about how the business makes no money on holidays because he has to pay everyone double time, was legit harassing people to clock out right at the end of the shift, and when everyone tried to call him out on just being a jerk he said "none of us understand business." I might not have gone to college for a stupid business degree but I'm smart enough to know you don't bitch to your employees about how you have to pay them (he has done this many times before).

He's okay with digging through a dumpster for frozen coffee mix to use for our frozen coffee, he's okay with using expired chicken salad, milk, and cream, he's okay with trying to use 2 day old Old fashion doughnuts to make into peanut doughnuts but when I make most of my bagels at the start of my shift he goes off on me about how the apparently expire 10 hours later? But he doesn't actually care, he just wanted to lecture me and correct me. Probably made up the expire times for bagels. I wouldn't put it passed him.

He has kept me over at work for 2 hours to just lecture me or question me about stupid gossip. He has come into work and said we are paid really high compared to other stores and has also said that if he can't get us to suggest hash browns he'll replace us with computers because those can be cheaper than paying another human to do the job.

He's never actually had to work a day in his life, he's only the manager because his father is the owner. His own sisters have come into the store and told us stories of him being the worst person ever.

When he first became manager the first thing he did was stop baking doughnuts in store and began ordering them from whatever company brings us our doughnuts, he then cut the baker's pay (who had cancer and everyone knew) and took her benefits away and cut her hours. He has made employees cry, and when everyone is like "Why the heck did you do that?!" He's like "I didn't make them cry, they have the issue." He's called employees retarded, cussed at them but when him and his dad get into a fight he calls his mom, in front of employees, and tells on his dad to his mom.

The owner avoids him as much as possible. The manager will be like "dad come see this" and his dad will be like "I have something important to do. Bye" then leaves...

Like I just hate him. As a person and as my boss. I've considered leaving but my pay is high and many other places said they would not start me off at that and I kind of need my hourly pay...

-vent over-




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