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From  IceyKatara Tales From Retail:

So I work at a pretty well known store in a tourist outlet mall, and boy do I ever get some stories. This one happened today, and I was so shocked I couldn't not post it here.

My coworker and I were powering through a line-up of people at cash, and this one lady brings up a pair of clearance sunglasses. My coworker let's her know clearance is BOGO 50% off, and sends the customer off to pick another item. At this point the customer seemed nice, and interacted pleasantly with my coworker. While she's gone I scan the sunglasses, which say $7 on them, but they ring up at $1. What a steal right? The customer is going to be so happy, right? Wrong. I'll be ME, and the customer will be RL for Rude Lady.


Oh so the item you have there isn't included in the BOGO deal. But good news! These glasses are only a buck, so the BOGO wouldn't be a good deal for you anyways.



RL rolls her eyes at me and puts the necklace back.


Can I grab you email or phone number for our Loyalty Program?


I'm already in there.

Slightly taken aback by her rude tone, I shake it off and turn my retail smile and voice to ultra max.


That's perfect! I'll just look it up to see if you have any $5 off coupons or anything on there.

RL, rolls her eyes; AGAIN

UGH, can I just get MY glasses.

Like bitch. Okay. No need to get snappy with me. I drop all kind of retail pleasentness, hand her the debt terminal for $1.13. Don't even put her glasses in a bag, staple her recipet, nothing.

Then she walks away like she did nothing wrong. Like on sorry you had to pay $6 less for your sunglasses? I honestly don't get people.

-- IceyKatara






She wanted to grab a pair of cheap sunglasses and leave.
- She is sent to go find a second item.
- She comes back from doing that to be told that she's wasted her time because - she'd still have to pay for the second item after all.
- She goes away to put the necklace back.
- She is now expected to give her information so that the clerk can spend time to look up other information about her that would not be useful for this transaction.
- Customer is deemed rude for insisting that the clerk RING UP THE GLASSES after spending 5 or more minutes bouncing her around.

Why would you go looking for $5 off coupons when she is only spending $1.
I'm on team customer on this one.


I have to agree with SS.


Yeah, seriously. It's a dollar pair of sunglasses. You don't need my retina scans, DNA test and firstborn for this. Just take the money and give me the sunglasses.

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