Game Store Hell: “Y’all shouldn’t be allowed to do that!!”
Tales From The Front Desk: Not The Mature Way To Handle This



Because you CAN put beer in it doesn't mean it comes with it... and that's a very, very old picture. Budwater hasn't had that type of pop top since the 70s.


1)This product is found in several categories. For the other categories there is nothing even slightly off about the presence of that alleged beer.

2)That isn't the main image for the product. The main image is just the bag.

3)The adults who will be purchasing this for their kids use are probably smart enough to not put beer cans in their kids lunch.


And if they DO put beer in their kids' lunch, hopefully it wouldn't be 40 year old Bud. It'd probably taste slightly more stale. :P But I think those cans would be worth something to a collector...

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