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From  queenmooney, Tales From Retail:

So this didn’t directly happen to me, but my coworker 2 ft away from me

I’m main cash so that means I’m the only one up there most of the time until it gets busy, and I’ll call for back up on the announcements (small store)

Towards the end of this particular wave, this one dude came up buying 2 present bows and asked my coworker “What’s your return policy?” And she replies “No returns.” But this guy? Went and asked “No, what’s your real return policy?”

My coworker and I both look at each other quickly like ‘wtf’ and she just repeats herself, this time with more force, “No returns or exchanges.” And this guy just leaves them there.

He then quickly became the inside joke of the evening between my coworker and I.

-- queenmooney







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