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From  Fubeca02, Tales From Retail:

So I work for a major wireless carrier and today a Crazy Lady ("CL") comes in complaining about her SIM card not working. Apparently she has called customer care multiple times and they weren't able to help her and just kept telling her things that didn't make sense but finally they apparently said they'd replace her SIM card for free. I was like okay yeah let's look into this and get you a free SIM. So I pull up her account and look at the memos and customer care has left several notes saying that the customer called but couldn't give them the SIM number, but instead gave them the IMEI or the SIM for another device so they couldn't do anything. I am able to give a free SIM though if hers was defective so I went to try that.

When I pulled the SIM card out to inspect it, it slid in the tray and it was immediately obvious that it was about 2mm shorter than it should have been. When I looked closer it was obvious that the card had been cut down and the gold plating had been heavily scratched and partly cut off.

Me: "Hey so it looks like your SIM is pretty badly damaged, do you know what happened to it?"

CL: "Nothing happened I just put it straight in there but it doesn't work."

Me: "Okay and where did it come from, did you get it in our store?"

CL: "No T-Mobile shipped it to me and I just put it in but they sent me one that doesn't work."

Me: "Okay T-Mobile doesn't actually send broken SIM cards so it looks like maybe someome took your iPad and cut your SIM card and then put it back." (At this point I was done with her).

I then showed her a new SIM card that hadn't been completely violated and pointed out how her SIM was absolutely not the same as it would be if her story was true.

CL: "Okay well I bought it from you guys and it doesn't work so I want to get a new one."

Me: "Unfortunately we can't just replace everything we sell when it breaks, like if you cut your iPad you couldn't just get a new one for free."

CL: "Okay you know what, I need to speak with your manager because I was told I'd get a free SIM card and I'm not going to pay more because you guys sent me a broken SIM.".

She obviously wasn't getting it so we waited a few minutes for my manager to come in and he ended up crediting her account for the cost of the SIM card. I think he should have just let her win the stupid prize from her stupid game and pay for the SIM but unfortunately we need to represent corporate so customers can do anything they want and get rewarded for it :)

-- Fubeca02







It's a pity you don't have access to "this call may be recorded for quality assurance" recordings. Loudly played for the entire store to hear the proof she's a lying con artist.

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