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From AstralMango, Tales From Retail:

So this isn't much of a story, but as I hardly work on the checkout, this is my first bizarre customer!

I work in grocery mostly and I was putting items on the shelves until I got called to checkout. Okay, that's fine. I'll just get through some customers then go back to zoning out.

Well, an older lady with a face like a bulldog came up to my counter. It was normal, I packed her bags, she paid by cash so I handed her back her change. Thought that was the end of that.

She scrutinised her coins and then declared sourly, "This dollar is dirty." I mean yeah, it's dirty, but it's money and it gets carried around everywhere.


"Can you give me another dollar? I don't want this one; I want a shinier dollar," she snapped out. "Can you open your till and swap it?"

I was feeling a bit sour at this point so I forced a sheepish smile and said, "Sorry, I don't have the authorisation to open it for you."

"Oh." She looked dejected and then picked up her bags and stormed off. I just stared at her and I exchanged glances with the customer next in the queue.

Look, lady, it's just fucking money.








Some TV show had a place on, that washed it's coins before they gave them out to customers. Anybody know of a place that does it? This may have been a casino I don't know anymore.


It was a casino, and the practice started back in the 50s or 60s when proper ladies wore white gloves when out in public. Apparently playing the slots was a formal affair.

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