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From The Keyoracle:

 I am retired and as a hobby I write Windows cash register software that I put up on my website as a free download. This is the story of two emails that I received about the software.

This week I received a pair of emails which took opposing views on the same topic. One asked, “When are you going to come up with a version that stores the data in the cloud?” While the other stated, “I hope your POS software does not require a connection to the cloud, does it? So let me tell you a tale of my first interaction with the cloud.

I was introduced my first family doctor when I was 2 years old. I have no recollection of this meeting but my mother told me that it went fairly well until Dr. G decided to give me a vaccination by  sticking an harpoon into my arm at which point my reaction was, “Screw this, get me out of here.”, plus lots of tears. Fortunately after we left, a liberal application of ice cream to my mouth coupled with a truly appalling attention span on my part allowed my mother to coax me back as needed. Dr. G remained my doctor until he retired when I was 55 at which point he gave me an impressively large box filled with my medical records. I then found Dr. H and bequeathed the box to her.

Upon one visit to Dr. H I noticed that for some reason her office suite was half the size that it was previously. When asked she told me that for some government / hospital / stupid reason (I did not care so did not pay attention) that everyone’s records had been transposed to digital and stored in the cloud so that they could be easily shared with other medical / insurance / nosey-pants people as needed and that all the paper records were dumped so she no longer needed to pay rent for a place to stick them.

About 5 years later I go in for my usual 6 month check-up and Dr. H tells me that she has some really bad news, which is something that you really do not want to hear from your doctor. The good news is that I am fine but my medical records are not. It seems that the service where all of her patient’s records were stored had a terminal incident and while the patients were fine all of their medical records were deceased. Welcome to the cloud.

-- The Keyoracle




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