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Delislave2From kmooey, Tales From Retail:

I work at a deli at a company run supermarket. Employees at our store make the most of retail hell, we have strong morale because we joke around with each other and customers as well. Our staff are supportive and have each others backs. Our demographic are mostly regulars we see everyday and a handful of crazy.

Anyway it was my birthday a couple of days ago, I chose to work the day as I'm in my 30s so I'm happy to celebrate after work, no biggie. So I'm doing my thing in the deli usual thing, when I get the most ridiculous birthday PA from let's say Sam one of the other departments.

Sam "We'd like to wish our junior Kmooey a sweet 16, sweet 16 never been kissed, she is one of our juniors in the deli departmeny, just training, timid and shy so make sure you go down to the deli and wish our Kmooey a happy birthday" it went something like that but much more hilarious.

Anyway the whole time this announcements going on everyone is laughing and im super embarrassed, hot in the face and laughing. Im chuffed they made an effort. A couple of regulars came up afterwards and wished me a happy birthday and teased me if ive been kissed lately.

But this would not be a worthy story with out devil woman. Straight after the announcement DW storms up to the deli counter with a face scowl like a dogs bum. Looks at me, looks at my name tag.

DW "well he carried on"

Me " haha well hes a great guy, hes priceless" Thinking that she was relating to my embassment.

DW "geeeeeze (eyeroll) who HONESTLY cares".

I stood back with an 'Are you serious?!?' look on my face and stared at here for a while. I was amused at the Audacity! She is speaking to the birthday girl. What a devil woman.

I stepped back into customer service mode and asked her how I could help. She lists off this out of the way order for 'freshly' shaven processed meat that we have already prepared shaven in the case.

My coworker steps in "Oh we are out of stock with that product thats what we have left" (I'd usually be happy to freshly shave a product but I would have the same response at this point)

DW "well I guess you can't help me" storms off.

Staff wished me a happy birthday throughout the day and how funny Sam was on the PA. I brought up how the customer DW reacted, everyone thought her crazy reaction was hilarious and how horrible her existence must be.







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