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From biffybeefa, Tales From Retail:

I work in a very busy department store, usually folding but sometimes on tills. I'm usually in the boys department but this day I was changed to the dress section, which I don't know at all.

So yesterday it was manic busy and every time I was on the floor I was asked to check for clothes in the stock room, where it is usually impossible to find things. I had just gotten back when this woman started shouting "excuse me" from behind me. I turned round and she looked pissed.

Her "I found this dress, I want to know where it is."

Me "I'm not usually in this section but I can find somebody that is, or I can give a quick look in the back for you."

She stares at me and then sighs, "It is so difficult to get an employee to help find things in this shop."

I again asked her if she wanted me to give a quick look round the shop for where it could be.

Her "Look, this dress says it's reduced, I just want to know where it is".

Me "Ok, well if it's reduced it'll be in the reduction section."

Her "I want it in a 6, go check in the back."

At this stage I've lost patience repeating myself.

Me "Ok if it is reduced there is no more in the stock room, I'll show you the reduced section."

Her "How am I supposed to know where the reduced section is?!"

Me "...I'm going to show you."

I bring her over to the reduced section where there is no sign of the dress. I show her dresses that look just like it but aren't reduced. She rhymes on about wanting that dress and why can't I find it. I eventually just left her giving out as she tried find other stuff in the reduced section.

Tl:Dr: offer to help customer, she complains people don't help in the shop and then ignores everything I say.







"I found this dress and I want to know where it is."
Right there in your hand. Have a nice day.

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